027: The Submarine

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The Submarine
Machine Address 027
High Concept Buried Nuclear Submarine
Trouble Old and Claustrophobic
Aspect The Machine's Influence is Weak Here
Aspect Partially Caved In
Aspect Easily Defensible



The Mess Hall

The old dining hall. Were it not for the tables welded to the ground in here, this would be one of the most spacious rooms on the submarine.

The Crew Quarters

The Crew Quarters are cramped and uncomfortable, but no unbearable with only a few people living there.

The Engine Room

The still remains of an inactive nuclear reactor sit here. It's hard to tell if there's any fuel left inside it, but even if there was you doubt you could get it up and running anyway.

The Missile Reserve

This bay once contained the ships spare supply of armaments and nuclear missiles. Now however, it is completely empty.

The Dorsal Cave-in

A cave in near the middle of the sub. It blocks off access to most of the front half of the vessel.