Camilla Salvatore

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Camilla Salvatore
Role Main Character
Age 33
Origin Cold War America: 1969
Gender Female
Stealth +0
Strength +2
Speed +2
Smarts +1
Sight +1
Synchronicity +3
High Concept Long Lost Rescue Team Captain
Trouble The Machine's Touch Runs Deep
Aspect Eight Limbs, Four Eyes, Half Human
Aspect "I'll do anything as long as you talk to me"
Aspect I hate this, but... it's still just me
Skittering Panic Because i have 'Eight Limbs, Four Eyes, Half human,' once per session i can spend one energy to rapidly and unpredictably dodge out of the way of an attack, ignoring all damage it would have caused

AT's player character in the Machine Fate RP.

Camilla is an ex rescue team member from the cold war era. She served the US Government working on secret projects for a good many years before one day getting lost in the Machine on a failed rescue mission. In the following years, the Machine wrought its integrations on her, transforming her into a half human spider cyborg.



  • Height: 5'6
  • Weight: 86 Kilos
  • Build: Athletic
  • Hair: Black
  • Eye Colour: Light Blue Polarised Glass
  • Clothing: A homemade tube top made from an old T-shirt, military cargo trousers, combat boots.

Notable Traits

  • Has a frightened, slightly desperate expression around people.
  • Desperately misses sunlight
  • Has to try hard to ignore the background hum of the machine
  • Wants a hug
  • Can beat all of you in an arm wrestling contest at once
  • Somehow not emaciated and starving
  • Barely remembers anything between now and the time she entered the machine


  • She no longer has human eyes. The machine has replaced them with cameras, and given her an extra set above for good measure.
  • Her arms have been dissolved and integrated into six entirely mechanical replacements, as dexterous and fully featured as the originals.
  • Everything below the waist has converted into a robotic equivalent, leaving only her torso and most of her head in her original human state
  • Though she is unaware of it, large portions of her nervous system and internal organs have also been replaced by the machine.


  • Tries to stay optimistic, no matter what. Stiff upper lip!
  • Incredibly lonely, is willing to do anything for anyone so long as they don't abandon her
  • "I'm not a lesser person just because I've got these parts! I'm not..."
  • Cool headed in stressful circumstances
  • Military training never quite leaves you