Dr. Howard Grimm

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Dr. Howard Grimm
Role Main Character
Age 54
Origin america 1993
Gender Male
Stealth +1
Strength +0
Speed +1
Smarts +3
Sight +2
Synchronicity +2
High Concept Dubious Mechanist
Trouble Dependent on Modern Comfort
Aspect That's Dr. Grimm to You
Aspect Maybe I Deserve This
Aspect Technologically Obsessed
Mechanical Expertise once per session you can find something valuable by dismantling a machine



  • Height: 5'11
  • Weight: 125 pounds
  • Build: Thin and frail
  • Hair: Bald
  • Eye Colour: gray
  • Clothing: A long white lab coat covering black trousers with a blue button up shirt and tie, nice brown leather shoes, and welding goggles around his neck.

Notable Traits

  • Looks older than he actually is.
  • Usually scowling
  • Looks like a skeleton with a pot belly when his shirt is off.


  • Ones and zeroes flash in his eyes, if you look deeply enough.
  • His heart is gone, replaced with an iron pump. Even he doesn't know this.


The Good

  • Always looking to improve things
  • Takes pride in craftsmanship
  • Very progressive for an old man from the 90s

The Bad

  • bitter
  • old and not ashamed to use that as an excuse
  • egotistical and self absorbed

The Middling

  • becomes absorbed in his work (quite literally sometimes)
  • Does not like people invading his privacy
  • has no meaningful appreciation for art