Gutsy Grenadier

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Gutsy Grenadier
Classpect N/A
Species Dersite Cricket
Home Planet Derse
Stealth +1
Strength +0
Speed +1
Smarts +3
Sight +2
Speech +2
High Concept Surly War Veteran Cricket
Trouble Intimidating Eyepatch
Aspect Die Commie Scum!
Aspect A Soft Spot for Tess
Crack Shot Because I am a Surly War Veteran, once per scene i can shoot anything in the scene to create a free advantage.
A Place in My Heart Because i have a Soft Spot for Tess, i can assist her in combat actions while she is possessing me.

Gutsy Grenadier is Tess Greenfield's maid on the dream moon of Derse. She is currently in a romantic relationship with Tess.


Gutsy lied about her age to join the military young and join the everlasting war on Skaia. While the war chewed out and spat out many a good soldier, Gutsy toughed it through it and thrived, relishing the experience of battle. In time she would come to fall in love with a dashing young wasp of similar gusto. The two would fight together on the battlefield for many years before tragedy would strike, and her lover would fall in battle against the Prospitian Commie menace. After his death she dedicated herself to the complete annihilation of the Prospitian race. Sadly she never got a chance to see through her ambitions as Three years later the war ended.

She was reassigned to Maid Duty as an honour for her service. That was the official reason at least. Unofficially, it seems the brass wanted her out of the way. She was a very outspoken voice against the end of the war, and sticking her up in a tower seemed like the perfect way to shut her up. There she stayed till the Mage would awaken...


  • Height: 5' 10"
  • Well muscled figure. Strong legs, wide hips, four arms.
  • Her carapace has a more matte finish than most and is covered in nicks and scars.
  • Black hair tied up in a tight donut bun.
  • Missing an eye. Wears a large, intimidating looking eyepatch over the empty socket. The eye she still has is a dark purple.
  • Wears a combat maid dress. Covered in pockets filled with ammunition, lighters, emergency supplies and god knows what else.


- Overenthusiatic about fighting. Loves a good skirmish.
- Hates commies with a burning passion
- Strong willed and firey!
- A little calmer since Tess woke up properly
- A lady who can do both.
- Always prepared for any occasion
- Impatiant as hell
- Some old mental scars from the war that didn't quite heal
- Bad at hugging
- Decent at kissing