Jethriel Fors

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Jethriel Fors
Role Main Character
Age 32
Origin North Kelidor, 4th century PKS
Gender Male
Stealth +2
Strength +0
Speed +1
Smarts +3
Sight +1
Synchronicity +2
High Concept Obsessive Record Keeper
Trouble Couldn't Trust a Flea
Aspect Who You Want
Aspect Learn from Your Mistakes
Outside Eyes +1 Smarts when applied to a situation focused on another person


Jethriel Fors was an advisor of Edmund, Lord of North Kelidor. As advisor, he had control of a minor province and some castle staff. He used his resources to seek out the Machine, having discarded the superstitions of the common folk that the space station was a heavenly or magical omen. Instead he theorized it to be a construct he could reach if he found the right magical artifact; this line of investigation led him to a doorway into the Machine. After several months of study from outside it, the Machine unexpectedly pulled him in.


  • Height: 5'7
  • Weight: 67 kg
  • Build: Lithe
  • Hair: Dark brown, shoulder length
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Clothes: A brown surcoat with a black tunic over it, secured by a belt. A small silver insigna of the House North Kelidor is attached to the tunic. Over this he wears a large black cloak. Wears black cloth chausses and brown leather boots. Wears black gloves.

Notable Traits

  • Always taking in as much information as he can
  • Can and will plot against you
  • Paranoid and distrustful
  • Even without the Psychic Identity the Machine provides, his cloak and its hood do much to obscure his appearance


  • Plenty of his skin has been replaced by metal, particularly on his forearms and lower legs


  • Initially cold, but "warms up to you"
  • His warming up is actually just him figuring out what you like to gain your favor
  • Appreciates fellow "sharp" seeming people and tends not to uphold his likability pretense when one-on-one with them
  • Never shows worry, but doesn't use that to take a leadership role either