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Designation Sentient
Subspecies N/A
Physical Characteristics
Average Height Males: 189 cm (6'2), Females: 172 cm (5'6)
Average Weight Males: 80 kg Females: 73 kg
Hair Colour Always vibrant neon colours. Colours include greens, oranges, yellows and, in rare cases, purples and pinks.
Eye Colour Either blue, yellow or green.
Distinctions Webbed hands and feet for swimming, gills for ears
Average Lifespan 110-125 Years
Sociocultural Characteristics
Homeworld Korphi
Habitat Ocean, preferably saltwater
Diet Carnivores
Language Anglonian


The M'Koiyx are fish-humanoids native to the water planet Korphi. In terms of height, they tend to be just slightly taller than average humans with light grey smooth skin. Their hair can come in a variety of bright, neon colours, such as red, green, blue, yellow and oranges. However, in some special cases where there is a slight genetic defect, a M'Koiyx can have neon pink or purple hair, though it only happens to every 1/1000 hatchlings (What they call their young). Their eye colour can be differing shades of greens, yellows or blues. Their ears, as well as being ears are also fins. They are able to breath both above and below water, but prefer being the water. Their hands are webbed in between their fingers slightly. This is also the case with their feet, with webbing in between their toes.


M'Koiyx cities are truly fascinating. No outsider has ever visited any M'Koiyx cities due to them being deep under the ocean, at depths most lifeforms couldn't handle. However, the M'Koiyx have built above ocean cities to allow off world visitors to stay on their planet. Their entire cities are just one massive coral structure that has been shaped into buildings. They have no windows as they have no need for them. The reason for their choice in structural design is due to their respect of the ocean life. The M'Koiyx love all life on their planet and cherish it deeply. This is why their cities are teeming with ocean life to which they share inhabitance with. Above the water, their cities take on an entirely different aesthetic. They are made of a white shined metal, the buildings, spacepads etc all held on metal foundation platforms, held above water by pillars which go deep down into the ocean bellow.

They have a strong affection for the sea life around them. They believe all life is the same, no matter how big or small. Being carnivores, they acknowledge the need to eat other fish, and therefore only hunt other fish for food, not for sport. There are some extremist M'Koiyx who do hunt larger fish, such as fish similar to the Earth Shark, or creatures of the Leviathan class size. This is a highly illegal activity, and if any M'Koiyx are caught committing such a crime, the punishment is severe. The affection for fish is so great, that they built their cities around other ocean life in coral, so they can live amongst the ocean life, protecting it.

M'Koiyx prefer to wear colourful and vibrant fabrics. It is believed to be bad luck to wear dull colours, and therefore only wear such colour schemes when someone close has died. This superstition is believed to be dated back to ancient times, when the early M'Koiyx would see blackened skies of storms, and would associate the dull colours with something bad being about to happen. Of course, this is just myth, and even M'Koiyx today don't fully know the reason, but still follow with the tradition. The Males of the species typically wear snappy suits, whereas the females prefer to wear flowing dresses and skirts. Fairly recently, within the past 20 years, the introduction of the "Tank top" has become quite popular for younger M'Koiyx girl of the teenage age, and has become more commonly seen.

The M'Koiyx are also a species which solely go barefoot. There are a several reasons as to why this species prefer to keep their feet bare. The first, being the most obvious, is it gives them an easier ability to swim. Being aquatic creatures, they have a natural need in ability to swim. Their feet showing evidence of this being almost flipper like in appearance with their toes webbed. This gives them much better aerodynamics while underwater, shoes just being a burden to them. They also make this choice because walking on land with bare feet does not actually bother them, their skin has evolved to be fairly tough, able to withstand walking on any surface. And finally, they believe that actually wearing shoes is more socially unacceptable, and even to some extent quite rude. However, they will, on occasion when formally meeting with other species, wear sandals.

Due to their proud status as "Largest Fish Trade in the Galaxy" they naturally have a strain to meet the needs in the market. There are official jobs in society which cover the statistical side of populations of fish they collect, basically they keep a track on a certain fish's population. If a species goes below a certain point (these points differ depending on many different variables, such as breeding rates, predators of the fish, the season of year etc) the M'Koiyx will stop hunting them for several months, to allow the fish to stabilise it's population. This has become a M'Koiyx law, especially after the incident with the Eelomexi (ee-low-meh-see) fish incident.


The M'Koiyx have traced their ancestry back to an early fish with legs, and believe they evolved from that fish over millions of years. The earliest known records of early M'Koiyx, is dates back over 10,000 years. A time when the M'Koiyx were split up into several tribes along the Southern Hemisphere of Korphi. This was also the only known time the M'Koiyx would fight with each other, while in these tribes. No wars have ever been fought since then. Eventually, the tribes were brought together by a young farm-girl named Calefin. She reunited the tribes, allowing them to see past their differences opening their eyes. She is also the reason behind the M'Koiyx's over-all love of all ocean life. Even now, 10,000 years later, Calefin is regarded as a famous historic figure and hero in the eyes of the M'Koiyx people.

Barely months after Calefin's amazing feats, discoveries on the planet lead the early M'Koiyx in finding technology left behind by an ancient precursor race. This included ships and buildings with technology far beyond the early M'Koiyx's. Eventually, they would discover a device with the capabilities of uploading one's mind into a mainframe, effectively becoming an AI. However, this was a one time use, and a one way trip for whoever decided to test it. Eventually, it was decided that the only person deserving of this role, was Calefin, so that she could spread her word of peace to future generations. Calefin herself, was still only a teen, and cautious. She knew she would never be able to return to her body, and potentially be given immortality nearly. She weighed her options, and decided she would, so that she could keep the peace of the future generations of her beloved species.

And so, Calefin's mind was transferred, and she became the first, and only, M'Koiyx AI. For the next 10,000 years, she would act as an ambassador of sorts, helping her people when there were disagreements, acting as a non-biased, third party to settle the disputes. Because of her actions, no war or infighting has ever broken out amongst the M'Koiyx, keeping them as a peaceful race.

Several thousand years later, they developed space craft, and light drives, and were able to explore the galaxy, meeting all the new aliens which came with it. When they originally began meeting new species, they would bring gifts, as peace offerings of sorts, of some of their finest cooked fish. Soon, they built up a reputation of their fish being some of the best in the galaxy. Eventually, the M'Koiyx became fish traders to earn money from the rest of the galaxy, for their own economy. They became more and more well known throughout the Galaxy for their rare, delicious fish that was only native to their planet.

However, due to this trade, one of the most disastrous incidents in M'Koiyx history occurred. The Eelomexi (ee-low-meh-see) Incident, named after the fish to which the incident stems from. Centuries ago, the M'Koiyx began trading an exquisite fish named Eelomexi, meaning "Breath of Life" in Anglonian.

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