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This page serves as an exhaustive repository for all the variant rules currently being used in the Machine Fate hack. It will be updated as time goes on, rules are tweaked and new rules are added or removed.



Stealth is a measure of how sneaky you are. How quietly you can move, how well you can hide and how noticeable you are in a crowd are all determined by this stat.


Strength is a measure of your physical prowess. How much you lift, how hard you punch, how easily you can take direct hits are all determined by this stat.


Speed is how fast you move and how fast your reflexes are. Shooting a gun, outrunning an enemy, driving a car etc. are all speed.


Smarts is how intelligent you are, and a general measure of your academic and mental abilities. Inventing things, knowledge of past events, hacking computers etc. are all under the domain of smarts.


Sight is how generally perceptive you are. How well you can see, hear, pick out minute details and spot suspicious things is determined by this.


Synchronicity is a measure of how well you use your connection to the Machine. Synchronicity is the stat called on when you attempt to glean knowledge from the data stream running through the halls and rooms of the Machine, or when you attempt to use the physical and mental gifts bestowed on you by it’s attempts at integration. If you could only perform an action because of an aspect related to the Machine, this stat will be rolled.


Minor consequences take one rest to expire. Major consequences take two rests to expire. Severe consequences can take four to six rests to expire.

For every consequence you take, your maximum energy is temporarily reduced by one. After a consequence is healed, the energy penalty goes away, but the energy is not refilled.

Extreme Consequences

If all of your consequence slots are filled, there is one last option you can take to survive. That is the extreme consequence. It can absorb up to eight shifts of stress. When you take an extreme consequence, it permanently overwrites one of your existing aspects (excluding high concept).

Upon reaching the end of a major arc, you can rename this consequence to show that have you moved past the worst of its effects. Once you’ve done this it simply becomes a normal aspect and you are free to take another extreme consequence.


Energy is the resource used to recover from injuries and restore Fate Points.

You can spend one energy in order to take a rest, heal expired consequences and refresh your Fate Points.

In the event you decide to rest while in the field, the decision to refresh must be agreed upon by every player in the scene. Consequences cannot be healed if you are not in a safe location.

If you have no energy, you cannot refresh FP and you cannot heal consequences.


Resources can be used to replenish energy. One resource will restore one energy. Resources are stored at the home base and take up one inventory slot each when carried.

Group Mechanics

The Communal Fate Pool

Communal fate points are a pool of additional fate points that can be used by any player, but only on behalf of another PC or an allied NPC. When a player uses a communal fate point to invoke or compel an aspect, they must explain how their character is directly involved in the action.

The communal pool resets to zero at every significant milestone and can hold as many fate points as there are players in the group. Points are not taken away if the size of the group decreases past the current count. When a compel complicates matters for the group and not just a single character, give the fate point to the communal pool.

The Group Aspect

This aspect is an aspect that pertains to the entire group, rather than any individual player and can be compelled in order to compel all current players and add a Fate point to the Communal Fate Pool

Story Details

Once per scene, a player can declare an appropriate story detail. If they do so, they add a fate point to the communal pool. The story detail that they add must be inconvenient or at least neutral rather than helpful in the current circumstances, and must directly pertain to a character or their activities.

Safe Locations