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Provisional Page for Worldbuilding Exercises. Check back later.

Inspiration Sources

  • Mass Effect
  • Brooklyn 99
  • Ranma 1/2
  • The Mummy/National Treasure

Martial Artist Space Detectives

  • In order to become a Detective you must know at least one martial art
  • The Precinct is a massive space station at the centre of the galaxy
  • The cops are the good guys
  • Martial Arts Powered Magic.

The Magic System

  • Magic powers are brought on by exposure to Violet Pulsars
  • The energy put out by Violet Pulsars is called Paragon Power - Paragon for short
  • Multi part magic system. Verb, Noun


  • Become - Uranus - Allows the user to take the form of their aspect
  • Transform - Neptune - Allows the user to transform other people, objects or animals into their aspect
  • Destroy - Venus - Allows the user to destroy their aspect
  • Create - Earth - Allows the user to create/summon their aspect
  • Locate - Sol - Allows the user to locate their aspect from anywhere within the galaxy, as long as it exists
  • Conceal - Luna - Allows the user to hide the location of their aspect from anyone
  • Imbue - Mars - Allows the user to give an object or person properties of their aspect
  • Remove - Saturn - Allows the user to take away properties of their aspect from a person or object
  • Double - Jupiter - Allows the user to increase the size or increase the number of their aspect
  • Halve - Mercury - Allows the user to decrease the size or decrease the number of their aspect


Fire: The aspect of Fire falls under literal Fire, Passion, Love and Hatred.

Water: The aspect of Water falls under literal Water and Blood and Relationships.

Earth: The aspect of Earth falls under literal Earth, Rocks, Dust and Weight.

Air: The aspect of Air falls under literal Air, Freedom and movement.

Lightning: The aspect of Lightning falls under literal Lightning, Speed and Plasma.

Oblivion: The aspect of Oblivion falls under the Void, Secrets, and Eternal Nothingness.

Spirit: The aspect of Spirit falls under Spirit, Will, Ghosts and Tangibility.

Animus: The aspect of Animus falls under Life, People, Animals and Plants.

Logic: The aspect of Logic falls under literal Logic, Choices, Sanity and the Mind

Luminance: The aspect of Luminance falls under Light, Colours, Sight and Knowledge.