Tess Greenfield

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Tess Greenfield
Classpect Mage of Blood
Species Human
Home Planet Earth
Stealth +1
Strength +0
Speed +1
Smarts +3
Sight +2
Speech +2
High Concept Pacifistic Nerd
Trouble Thin as a Stick
Aspect Universe's Punching Bag
Aspect Doe Eyed Stare
Aspect In a relationship with Gutsy
Blood Transplant As I am the Mage of Blood, i can spend a FP temporarily replace my high concept and trouble with that of a different species
Possession Because I am the Mage of Blood, I can possess somebody in the scene who i have a relationship with.
Making an Impression: Because I am In a Relationship with Gutsy, I can get a +2 to strength rolls whenever I create an advantage by trying to do something Gutsy would do

Tess Greenfield is abstractFormicidae's Player Character in the Hope of Today RP. She is the Mage of Blood on the Land of Shackles and Bone and her quest is to unite the disparate tribes of LoSaB and free her sister from the control of the lands denizen.


Tess never had an easy early life. She grew up with her sister/ectobiological mother, Tara, who would constantly abuse and torment the poor girl with regular stabbings. She grew up in a small village in Ireland where she spent the first nine years of her life. It was torment for her, living with her sis, but Tess was always patient and loved her sis, no matter what she did to her. Through this blindness of love to her sister, Tess wasn't able to see Tara was using her. Making her do all the work she didn't want to; cooking, cleaning, shopping etc.

When Tess turned ten, her life changed big time when her sis announced they'd be moving to the states. It was a lot to take in, moving from a small village in a small country like Ireland to the much larger New York. Tess' school experience in the states was also fairly cruel to her. She quickly became the subject of intense bullying from not only her classmates, but teachers too. She dealt with insults like '4 eyes,' 'Beaver' and the regular insult on her strong Irish accent, mocking it. Eventually, Tess got used to this bullying, and just learned to ignore it. Of course, the physical bullying was much harder to ignore, and would often come home with black eyes and bruises all over her body. Once a student hit her so hard with a stick across the face, that she was bleeding uncontrollably. Unfortunately for poor Tess, even when she came home, there was no one to come home to to support her. Her sister would just laugh, or tell her she was being a baby, and that she'd need to toughen up.

Her romantic life was also nothing short of horrible. Due to her being constantly disliked by all of her peers, it was always difficult for her to find someone to be in a relationship with. When she was sixteen, however, she did get with one boy in her year, Brad. This relationship did last for the best of a year. However, Brad was a terrible person, who only wanted to be with Tess to abuse her, knowing her submissive attitude. He'd beat her, make her do whatever he wanted, and pretended he loved her, saying this was a woman's place, that this was how a girlfriend should be like and Tess, knowing no better, believed him. No matter how terrible he was to her, he refused to let her leave this abusive relationship, and it carried on for over a year. Eventually, Tess managed to pluck up the courage to say no to him. This got him mad. He slapped her, then punched her in the face, bursting her lip. Scared, she backed into the kitchen, where he held her down, grabbed a knife and held it to her neck. Panicked, she grabbed the nearest thing to her, a plate, and smashed it across his head, causing him to release her. This is how she acquired the Platekind Specibi. This just infuriated him. Thankfully, her sis heard the smash, and came in, not before forcing Tess' boyfriend to leave. Tess always believed Tara came through due to the plate smashing, however, although Tara would never admit it, she was actually worried for her little sis that day. If she told anyone that, however, she'd have to stab them. Many times.

Tess' life did begin to elevate in quality when she started talking to the trolls of her session. They were her first real friends. Although very sceptical on the existence of aliens, they were genuinely nice to her, well, two of the three, and so she began to feel more happy about her life. Eventually, she would play a game called SBURB with all three of her friends, with a new set of adventures ensuing.


  • Height: 5'2
  • Skinny, no muscles, too busy being a nerd to be sporty
  • Black hair tied in a ponytail
  • Gorgeous eyes, which she hides behind her glasses
  • Baggy T-shirts, short skirts and trainers
  • Glasses, like the nurd she is.


- Bit of a clean-freak
- Arnie Fangirl
- Goes with what others want
- Boney M is her Jam!
- She's a Muscle fan
- Not a Girl-Gamer
- Baggy T-shirts FTW
- Tess of the Nerdvilles
- Just out an abusive relationship
- Prone to crying
- Needs a hug
- Afraid of Sis, tends to get stabby when she misbehaves

SBURB Details

  • Classpect: Mage of Blood
  • Land: Land of Shackles and Bone (LoSaB)
  • Strife Specibi: Platekind
  • Consorts: Komodo Dragons
  • Moon: Derse
  • Denizen: Eleos